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An overview of cheap game consoles

If you are a gaming addict like I am then I guess you will at some point get tired of your computer games and decide to buy a console. There are many consoles on the market today and buying the best one out of the bunch can really proved to be a hassle if you do not really know what you are after. So the main consoles out there are the Nintendo, the Play station and the Xbox 360. I guess that every of these consoles have disadvantages and advantages, so picking the best one will ultimately prove to be a subjective decision as all of the players buying a certain console, will have it bought for it will suite their specific needs.

Microsoft has been busy lately and recently they have announced the release of their new Xbox 360 S250 GB console, which is quieter, smaller and it’s also a Kinect ready model of the previous one.

This is possible because this console uses a special state of the art technology for motion capturing and it has similarities with the Sony Eyetoy. This is achieved by using a special camera and a good processor that will analyze your body and then implement your movements within the game. One of the best about the Wii is that it is one of the cheap game consoles out there so you can get it for a fair price, especially if you will delve online, because there are no taxes that online store owners will need to pay and that is why you will benefit from cheaper prices.

The games you will be able to play with this new console will be a completely different than the ones you’ve had until now. Thus you will be able to play Kinect Sports. This will ultimately prove that there is no such thing as dumb areas. Playing sports games you will have to move, shake, jump, wave, compete and dance like you would be right there in the middle of the action. Games of tennis, soccer and boxing will definitely have the most fans gathered around and you will have a lot of fun playing them with your friends and family.

Thus the new model has an upgraded cooling system which seems to render no problems in keeping things cool, as they should be and it also features evolutionary Xbox controls. Featured with this new release is also an audio out port, which can be paired with a composite video connection or a HDMI. You will also find a specially created Kinect port and along with it another 5 USB ports.

What you will be able to admire more about this is that it also features a Wi-Fi support that can go up to 802.11n and when talking about storage, the hard drive is a good 250 GB one. You won’t be able to have your HDD swapped like you used to do with the previous model, but this was something that people would expect, along with the lack of a Blu Ray support. A great feature that many admire is the fact that when you will not use the console for a while, it will quiet down to a level that will make it practically impossible to hear that it is actually turned on and working. Also, when you will be inserting a disc, the noise that it would make compared to the previous model is now greatly lowered. Always remember that if you are looking for cheap wii accessories, the internet is the best place where you can find them at low prices and even free shipping.


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